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Discover the Cajun Secret...

The most Authentic Pirogue Design available online 



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An Important Feature

 and Big Difference >>


Pirogue Buoyancy demonstration graphic

  Extra hull flare provides:


  • More buoyancy and stability

  • Enhanced shallow water performance

  • Graceful curves and lines which give this pirogue its distinctive, classic good-looks

What makes these plans different?


The pirogue has allowed fishermen and hunters an exclusive pass to enter the inaccessible and bountiful game habitats of southern Louisiana for many generations. It's no secret that it's a time-tested and well-proven concept. What makes these plans different from others is it's superior, genuinely authentic design which, according to historians and enthusiasts alike, optimizes the best, most useful shape, form and features of the traditional craft. Though other plans being offered online today may loosely be classified as "pirogues," they lack this subtle, but very important, feature:


The Cajun Secret design offers more stability and load carrying capacity than others due to its slightly wider beam (hull width and extra flare). Seen in cross-section it's easy to see the difference between this design and all the rest. Viewed this way (see graphic below), greater hull flare displaces progressively more and more water as the craft is loaded with passengers and gear. As the hull is pressed deeper into the water, the amount of water displaced (moved out of the way) increases exponentially due to flare — thereby increasing bouyancy. This may sound like rocket science — but really it's not. It's the same principle why a larger object (like a beach ball) offers more floatation than a smaller one (like a basketball). When pressed down into the water, the larger, wider ball "displaces" a greater volume of water which pushes back more forcefully, making it more bouyant than the small one. 'Nuff said?

Minimum Carpentry Skills Required
Fast & Easy
"Cut & Flex"
Plywood Construction
Build with
Basic Tools 
Easy construction with Cajun Secret pirogue plans

"Git 'er Done!"

Plywood flexes easily. Classic shape and graceful sheer lines appear "like magic" as bottom is attached to sides. Note: Pictured here, at this stage, hull width appears wider  than actual           finished project.

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