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Cajun Secret Pirogue Plans deliver what they wanted  



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Tom Hill:

from North Carolina


"I want to thank you for a quality set of plans that have led to the making of a beautiful and functional boat."



Robert Cooley:

from Mississippi


"I chose your plans because they were the closest thing I could find to an antique pirogue an old man gave a friend of mine. The boat was so old it was barely more than a rustic decoration, but my friend decided he needed it fixed so he could actually use it. When I took it apart I found it to be unsalvagable—we needed to build a new one. So I suppose you could say I chose your plans because of their authenticity. After research I found Cajun Secret's shape and form most closely matched that of the old classic. Others out there did not."





A southern duck hunter in his homemade pirogue


Chris Hinrich:

from South Carolina


"I just wanted to thank you for making the design available to the public. The boat was a pleasure to build with my five year old son. I learned a lot through the whole building process and look forward to my next build. The pirogue has been used twice a week since duck season. This boat is awesome for beaver pond hunting and gliding through areas where Jon boats can't go."

Beautiful homemade pirogue in a garage

Wally Hodge:

from Alabama


"Building a boat shouldn't be this much fun. But it was. The instructions were excellent"





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