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Cajun Secret Pirogue Plans


Most Authentic



Download plans for this classic 


Pirogue now...


Be out on the water having fun in a weekend or two

A classic pirogue glides gracefully across the water

Classic Beauty

Graceful, clean lines glide across the water

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A classsic, wide-beamed Cajun pirogue operating is very shallow water.

Wider hull width and flare for more stability than other designs 


Most Authentic



Welcome... and Get Ready to Let the Good Times Roll... 


If you've ever dreamed of building a small boat with your own hands, you've come to the right place! Cajun Secret pirogue plans are simple, easy-to-follow instructions which will have you out on the water fishing, hunting and having fun in no time flat. The pirogue (pronounced: "PEE-rhawg") is an amazingly versatile, car-topable, easily constructed craft ideally suited for ultra-shallow backwater river and lake fishing, hunting and exploration. Born in the swamps and bayous of Louisiana, in this realm, the craft has no rival. In concept, somewhere between a kayak and a canoe, no matter where you happen to live, a pirogue will easily and stealthily get you into natural habitats other boaters and sportsmen can only dream about.


Authentic Time-tested Design & Surprisingly Easy to Build


The easy-to-build construction plan offered here is a modern-day plywood adaptation of an authentic design built and used by Cajuns in Louisiana for well over a hundred years. While retaining the craft's authentic time-tested shape and function, Cajun Secret's easy plywood construction guarantees even beginners and amateur hobbyists a highly rewarding building experience and beautiful boat.  


The Cajun Philosophy: Keep it Simple


A well-known fact, Cajuns are among the most remarkable outdoorsmen on the planet — clever, crafty and highly resourceful. Whether for their livelihood or sport, these guys have an uncanny aptitude for fishing and hunting — but little time or patience for fiddling around with complicated gear or projects. Down-to-earth minimalists, they believe in keeping things simple, inexpensive and easy as possible. That's why they love pirogues! If you can build a box... you can build a pirogue.


If You Arrived Here After Googling "Pirogue Plans..."


You're in good company. Chances are you already know what an amazing little boat the pirogue is. Many (if not most) who order these plans are from Louisiana and east Texas where this craft's reputation is both well-known and highly revered. 


Anyone Can Build and Love this Boat


Even if you've never heard of a pirogue, but have always wanted to build a small, affordable, fun-to-use boat... search no further. Requiring only minimal woodworking skills and tools, these plans are one of the best and easiest available. Cajun Secret is the Internet's oldest source of the most authentic pirogue plans. Over the years we've received boatloads of positive feedback from pirogue purists, historians and builders alike. All readily testifing what an authentic, great little boat this set of plans delivers.


Accept No Substitutes!


As you may have discovered, there's a confusing array of plans available online today — many either poorly designed or much more expensive. Don't waste time or money — go with the genuine, real deal... the "Cajun Secret."

Features & Benefits:

  • Ultra shallow-water running and more stable thanks to wider beam and hull flare. Operates in only inches of water.

  • Removable Seats allow stowage of extra gear if needed

  • Quiet and stealthy. All-wood construction less noisy in use than other materials. Great for observing nature or stalking prey. No banging or clanking as with aluminum craft.

  • Designed-in "rocker" (slightly curved bottom at both ends) allows skimming over shallow, muddy bottoms without getting stuck as often as flat bottom hulls. Tighter turning and manuevering as well.

  • Greater load carrying capacity provided by superior hull flare and displacement

  • Easier and faster to build than other designs thanks to fewer components and clear step-by-step instructions

  • Cut & Flex plywood construction makes building simple and fun! 

  • Authentic styling. Classic good-looks!

Get started today...

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Good Looks"

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